Variant of CIP 2016 - Primary groupings

Additional information

The first level of the variant is comprised of thirteen 'primary groupings' that are a convenient and useful basis for summarizing and analyzing more detailed classes. It is used for the presentation and analysis of highly aggregated data.

Groupings are based on field of study, and are independent of the level at which the study was undertaken. CIP 2016 Series 21. Pre-technology education/pre-industrial arts programs CAN and CIP series 53. High school/secondary diploma and certificate programs are exceptions to this rule; these two series are included in the 'Other' category.

The second level is comprised of entire CIP 2016 series, with one exception: CIP series 30. Multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary studies has been split into its constituent subseries, and those subseries have been grouped with their closest equivalent CIP series.

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