Variant of NAICS 2012 - Labour Force

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This variant groups the economy into 16 sectors or categories—rather than the 20 sectors included in the standard NAICS—in order to better meet the quality requirements for the labour force data produced on that basis. However, all 20 NAICS sectors are accounted for in this variant.

Ten sectors of the economy in the standard NAICS are regrouped to form five categories in this variant.

1) Forestry, fishing, mining, quarrying, oil and gas (subsectors 113-114; industry group 1153; sector 21).
2) Wholesale and retail trade (sectors 41 and 44-45).
3) Finance, insurance, real estate and leasing (sectors 52 and 53).
4) Information, culture and recreation (sectors 51 and 71).
5) Business, building and other support services (sectors 55 and 56). This category was renamed and is based on the combination of management of companies and enterprises and administrative and support, waste management and remediation services.

In this variant, agriculture (subsectors 111-112; industry groups 1151-1152) is classified separately from forestry, fishing and hunting. This was done for analysis and dissemination purposes.

The NAICS 2007 version of this variant included a split for the goods-producing sector (NAICS 11 to 33) and services-producing sector (NAICS 41 to 91). To clarify the purpose of this variant the split has been omitted in this version. This change does not affect the meaning of the variant.

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