Variant of the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) Canada 2021 Version 1.0 for Alternative primary groupings

Summary of changes

Veterinary medicine, veterinary science, veterinary technology, and veterinary administrative support services, which were included in primary group 10 Health and related fields in CIP 2016, are now included in primary group 09 Agriculture, natural resources and conservation in CIP 2021. This reflects the structural change which moved them from series 51. Health professions and related programs in CIP 2016 to series 01. Agricultural and veterinary sciences/services/operations and related fields in CIP 2021.

30.10 Biopsychology, which was included in primary group 04 Social and behavioural sciences and law in CIP 2016, is now included in primary group 06 Physical and life sciences and technologies in CIP 2021.

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