Classification of Country of Citizenship 2021


In this classification, category labels refer to the country of citizenship. For example, 'Canada' is understood to mean 'Canadian citizenship'.

This classification is based on the Standard Classification of Countries and Areas of Interest (SCCAI) 2019. However, it excludes Antarctica and Adjacent Islands as well as South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

Notes associated with particular country names are included in the classification. Tables and other data presentations using this classification can either include the relevant notes or reference the classification's web page.

Additional categories may be required due to imprecise responses that could not be coded. The additional label should include the phrase 'not otherwise specified (n.o.s.)' and have a note of explanation. For example, in the case of responses of 'Czechoslovakia', report 'Czechoslovakia, n.o.s.' with the following note:

'Czechoslovakia, not otherwise specified (n.o.s.) includes persons who reported Czechoslovakia'.

The names of the Current and Historical Countries and Areas of Interest as well as their associated country codes are available for reference.

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