Classification of programs and credentials


The universe covered by this classification should be considered when analyzing data that uses it. This classification represents possible educational qualifications available from Canadian public postsecondary institutions. The classes are based on combinations of the data elements 'program type' and 'credential type' in the Postsecondary Student Information System (PSIS) where the educational program could result in a credential being awarded. They allow the classification of administrative data for students in terms of the educational qualification sought as well as the educational qualification obtained. Programs and other postsecondary educational activities (such as individual courses) that do not result in a credential are excluded.

The classification includes a small number of programs where enrolment occurs at the institution but where the credential is granted by an external body such as a provincial or territorial ministry. The classification also includes categories for credentials awarded by public postsecondary institutions for apprenticeship-related in-class or technical training activities, but it does not cover trade qualifications obtained through a completed registered apprenticeship program and certification or trade qualifier exams.

Where 'postsecondary institutions' appears in brackets in the class name, it may be omitted when the context provides clarification.

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