Statistical methods

Information and sources that describe methods of a statistical and mathematical nature used in gathering, processing and disseminating sample surveys, censuses or administrative data.

The information and sources may be linked to a survey; sometimes, however, they are applicable beyond a single survey. The history, testing, and quality assurance activities associated with these are also included.

Statistical methods - Complete listof questionnaires by subject for statistical methods

List of questionnaires by subtopics

  • Administrative dataNo results under: : Administrative data
  • Collection and questionnaires
  • Data analysisNo results under: : Data analysis
  • Data disseminationNo results under: : Data dissemination
  • Editing and imputationNo results under: : Editing and imputation
  • Frames and coverage
  • History and contextNo results under: : History and context
  • Inference and foundationNo results under: : Inference and foundation
  • Quality assuranceNo results under: : Quality assurance
  • Response and nonresponseNo results under: : Response and nonresponse
  • SimulationsNo results under: : Simulations
  • Statistical techniquesNo results under: : Statistical techniques
  • Survey designNo results under: : Survey design
  • Time seriesNo results under: : Time series
  • Weighting and estimationNo results under: : Weighting and estimation
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