Condominium status of private dwelling

Status: This standard was approved as a departmental standard on March 24, 2016.


Condominium status refers to whether the private dwelling is part of a condominium development. A condominium is a residential complex in which dwellings are owned individually while land and common elements are held in joint ownership with others.

Private dwelling refers to a separate set of living quarters with a private entrance either from outside the building or from a common hall, lobby, vestibule or stairway inside the building. The entrance to the dwelling must be one that can be used without passing through the living quarters of some other person or group of persons.

Conformity to relevant internationally recognized standards

There are no relevant internationally recognized standards.


Relation to previous version

  • Condominium status of private dwelling March 24, 2016 to current

    This is an update to 'Condominium status of private dwelling'. The name and definition of condominium status as well as the classifications have changed in French. The definition of condominium status has been slightly reworded in English.

  • Condominium status of private dwelling May 17, 2010 to March 23, 2016

    This was the departmental standard from May 17, 2010 to March 23, 2016.

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