Trades certificates and diplomas of person

Status: This standard was approved as a departmental standard on April 7, 2016.


Trades certificates and diplomas refers to certificates or diplomas in the trades obtained by a person from accredited educational institutions or provincial, territorial or federal authorities. It includes certificates, diplomas or equivalents awarded to persons following successful completion of a course of study or training program in entry-level vocations, or in career and technical trades occupations. This includes persons who obtained qualifications from secondary level vocational training programs in the province of Quebec - such as the Diplôme d'études professionnelles/Diploma of Vocational Studies (DEP/DVS). It also includes persons who have successfully completed a formalized apprenticeship program, consisting of on-the-job training which may be accompanied by course work or 'in-class' technical training, and have received a Certificate or Diploma of Apprenticeship and/or a Certificate of Qualification or Journeyperson's designation in their trade. It also includes persons who have not completed an apprenticeship program but who amassed sufficient work experience in a trade and have successfully passed the certification exam to obtain a Certificate of Qualification from the provincial, territorial or federal authority.

Person refers to an individual and is the unit of analysis for most social statistics programs.


This variable complements the Educational attainment variable by providing estimates of all persons who obtained a qualification in the trades, regardless of any other educational credentials they may have obtained. Thus, this variable provides a more complete measure of the population with these qualifications in Canada.

Conformity to relevant internationally recognized standards

There are no relevant internationally recognized standards.


  • Whole number March 16, 1998 to current


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Relation to previous version

  • Trades certificates and diplomas of person April 07, 2016 to current

    May 26, 2021 - The category names and definitions in the Classification of combinations of trades certificates and diplomas have been modified, and a new Classification of apprenticeship certificates has been added.

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