North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 1997

31-33 - Manufacturing

This sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in the physical or chemical transformation of materials or substances into new products. These products may be finished, in the sense that they are ready to be used or consumed, or semi-finished, in the sense of becoming a raw material for an establishment to use in further manufacturing. Related activities, such as the assembly of the component parts of manufactured goods; the blending of materials; and the finishing of manufactured products by dyeing, heat-treating, plating and similar operations are also treated as manufacturing activities. Manufacturing establishments are known by a variety of trade designations, such as plants, factories or mills.

Manufacturing establishments may own the materials which they transform or they may transform materials owned by other establishments. Manufacturing may take place in factories or in workers' homes, using either machinery or hand tools.

Certain activities involving the transformation of goods are classified in other sectors. Some examples are post-harvest activities of agricultural establishments, such as crop drying; logging; the beneficiating of mineral ores; the production of structures by construction establishments; and various activities conducted by retailers, such as meat cutting and the assembly of products such as bicycles and computers.

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 1997 - Classification structure
Code Subsector
311Food Manufacturing Food Manufacturing
312Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing
313Textile Mills Textile Mills
314Textile Product Mills Textile Product Mills
315Clothing Manufacturing Clothing Manufacturing
316Leather and Allied Product Manufacturing Leather and Allied Product Manufacturing
321Wood Product Manufacturing Wood Product Manufacturing
322Paper Manufacturing Paper Manufacturing
323Printing and Related Support Activities Printing and Related Support Activities
324Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing
325Chemical Manufacturing Chemical Manufacturing
326Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing
327Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing
331Primary Metal Manufacturing Primary Metal Manufacturing
332Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
333Machinery Manufacturing Machinery Manufacturing
334Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing
335Electrical Equipment, Appliance and Component Manufacturing Electrical Equipment, Appliance and Component Manufacturing
336Transportation Equipment Manufacturing Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
337Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing
339Miscellaneous Manufacturing Miscellaneous Manufacturing
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