North and South - Variant of SGC 2016

4811 - Division No. 11

Below is the list of census subdivisions within this census division.

North and South - Variant of SGC 2016 - Classification structure
Code Title Type
4811001Wetaskiwin County No. 10 Wetaskiwin County No. 10 Municipal district
4811002Wetaskiwin Wetaskiwin City
4811003Argentia Beach Argentia Beach Summer village
4811004Grandview Grandview Summer village
4811005Poplar Bay Poplar Bay Summer village
4811006Crystal Springs Crystal Springs Summer village
4811007Norris Beach Norris Beach Summer village
4811008Ma-Me-O Beach Ma-Me-O Beach Summer village
4811009Silver Beach Silver Beach Summer village
4811011Millet Millet Town
4811012Leduc County Leduc County Municipal district
4811013Beaumont Beaumont Town
4811016Leduc Leduc City
4811018Devon Devon Town
4811019Calmar Calmar Town
4811020Sundance Beach Sundance Beach Summer village
4811021Thorsby Thorsby Village
4811022Itaska Beach Itaska Beach Summer village
4811023Golden Days Golden Days Summer village
4811024Warburg Warburg Village
4811026Breton Breton Village
4811031Drayton Valley Drayton Valley Town
4811032Brazeau County Brazeau County Municipal district
4811034Parkland County Parkland County Municipal district
4811038Seba Beach Seba Beach Summer village
4811039Betula Beach Betula Beach Summer village
4811041Point Alison Point Alison Summer village
4811042Lakeview Lakeview Summer village
4811044Kapasiwin Kapasiwin Summer village
4811045Wabamun Wabamun Village
4811046Spring Lake Spring Lake Village
4811048Stony Plain Stony Plain Town
4811049Spruce Grove Spruce Grove City
4811052Strathcona County Strathcona County Specialized municipality
4811056Fort Saskatchewan Fort Saskatchewan City
4811059Sturgeon County Sturgeon County Municipal district
4811061Edmonton Edmonton City
4811062St. Albert St. Albert City
4811064Gibbons Gibbons Town
4811065Redwater Redwater Town
4811066Bon Accord Bon Accord Town
4811068Morinville Morinville Town
4811069Legal Legal Town
4811801Ermineskin 138 Ermineskin 138 Indian reserve
4811802Pigeon Lake 138A Pigeon Lake 138A Indian reserve
4811803Louis Bull 138B Louis Bull 138B Indian reserve
4811804Stony Plain 135 Stony Plain 135 Indian reserve
4811805Alexander 134 Alexander 134 Indian reserve
4811806Wabamun 133A Wabamun 133A Indian reserve
4811807Wabamun 133B Wabamun 133B Indian reserve
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