North and South - Variant of SGC 2016

4807 - Division No. 7

Below is the list of census subdivisions within this census division.

North and South - Variant of SGC 2016 - Classification structure
Code Title Type
4807001Provost No. 52 Provost No. 52 Municipal district
4807002Provost Provost Town
4807004Czar Czar Village
4807006Hughenden Hughenden Village
4807008Amisk Amisk Village
4807011Paintearth County No. 18 Paintearth County No. 18 Municipal district
4807012Coronation Coronation Town
4807014Castor Castor Town
4807016Halkirk Halkirk Village
4807019Stettler County No. 6 Stettler County No. 6 Municipal district
4807021Big Valley Big Valley Village
4807022Gadsby Gadsby Village
4807024Botha Botha Village
4807026Stettler Stettler Town
4807027White Sands White Sands Summer village
4807028Rochon Sands Rochon Sands Summer village
4807029Donalda Donalda Village
4807031Flagstaff County Flagstaff County Municipal district
4807032Alliance Alliance Village
4807036Forestburg Forestburg Village
4807038Heisler Heisler Village
4807039Daysland Daysland Town
4807042Killam Killam Town
4807044Sedgewick Sedgewick Town
4807046Lougheed Lougheed Village
4807048Hardisty Hardisty Town
4807049Wainwright No. 61 Wainwright No. 61 Municipal district
4807051Chauvin Chauvin Village
4807052Edgerton Edgerton Village
4807054Wainwright Wainwright Town
4807056Irma Irma Village
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