North and South - Variant of SGC 2016

4805 - Division No. 5

Below is the list of census subdivisions within this census division.

North and South - Variant of SGC 2016 - Classification structure
Code Title Type
4805001Vulcan County Vulcan County Municipal district
4805002Carmangay Carmangay Village
4805004Champion Champion Village
4805006Vulcan Vulcan Town
4805008Lomond Lomond Village
4805009Milo Milo Village
4805011Arrowwood Arrowwood Village
4805012Wheatland County Wheatland County Municipal district
4805018Strathmore Strathmore Town
4805019Hussar Hussar Village
4805021Standard Standard Village
4805022Rockyford Rockyford Village
4805026Drumheller Drumheller Town
4805031Starland County Starland County Municipal district
4805034Delia Delia Village
4805036Munson Munson Village
4805038Morrin Morrin Village
4805041Kneehill County Kneehill County Municipal district
4805042Carbon Carbon Village
4805044Acme Acme Village
4805046Linden Linden Village
4805048Three Hills Three Hills Town
4805049Trochu Trochu Town
4805802Siksika 146 Siksika 146 Indian reserve
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