North and South - Variant of SGC 2016

4803 - Division No. 3

Below is the list of census subdivisions within this census division.

North and South - Variant of SGC 2016 - Classification structure
Code Title Type
4803001Cardston County Cardston County Municipal district
4803002Magrath Magrath Town
4803003Improvement District No. 4 Waterton Improvement District No. 4 Waterton Improvement district
4803004Cardston Cardston Town
4803006Glenwood Glenwood Village
4803008Hill Spring Hill Spring Village
4803011Pincher Creek No. 9 Pincher Creek No. 9 Municipal district
4803014Pincher Creek Pincher Creek Town
4803016Cowley Cowley Village
4803018Willow Creek No. 26 Willow Creek No. 26 Municipal district
4803019Fort Macleod Fort Macleod Town
4803021Granum Granum Town
4803022Claresholm Claresholm Town
4803024Stavely Stavely Town
4803026Nanton Nanton Town
4803801Piikani 147 Piikani 147 Indian reserve
4803802Blood 148 Blood 148 Indian reserve
4803803Blood 148A Blood 148A Indian reserve
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