North and South - Variant of SGC 2016

4802 - Division No. 2

Below is the list of census subdivisions within this census division.

North and South - Variant of SGC 2016 - Classification structure
Code Title Type
4802001Warner County No. 5 Warner County No. 5 Municipal district
4802002Coutts Coutts Village
4802004Milk River Milk River Town
4802006Warner Warner Village
4802008Raymond Raymond Town
4802009Stirling Stirling Village
4802011Lethbridge County Lethbridge County Municipal district
4802012Lethbridge Lethbridge City
4802013Coalhurst Coalhurst Town
4802014Nobleford Nobleford Village
4802016Barons Barons Village
4802018Picture Butte Picture Butte Town
4802019Coaldale Coaldale Town
4802021Taber Taber Municipal district
4802022Taber Taber Town
4802023Barnwell Barnwell Village
4802029Vauxhall Vauxhall Town
4802031Newell County Newell County Municipal district
4802034Brooks Brooks City
4802036Duchess Duchess Village
4802038Rosemary Rosemary Village
4802039Bassano Bassano Town
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