Variant of NAICS 2002 - Durable and Non-Durable Goods Manufacturing Industries

91 - Public Administration

This sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in activities of a governmental nature, that is, the enactment and judicial interpretation of laws and their pursuant regulations, and the administration of programs based on them. Legislative activities, taxation, national defence, public order and safety, immigration services, foreign affairs and international assistance, and the administration of government programs are activities that are purely governmental in nature.

Ownership is not a criterion for classification. Government owned establishments engaged in activities that are not governmental in nature are classified to the same industry as privately owned establishments engaged in similar activities.

Government establishments may engage in a combination of governmental and non-governmental activities. When separate records are not available to separate the activities that are not governmental in nature from those that are, the establishment is classified to this sector.

Variant of NAICS 2002 - Durable and Non-Durable Goods Manufacturing Industries - Classification structure
Code Title
911Federal Government Public Administration Federal Government Public AdministrationCAN
912Provincial and Territorial Public Administration Provincial and Territorial Public AdministrationCAN
913Local, Municipal and Regional Public Administration Local, Municipal and Regional Public AdministrationCAN
914Aboriginal Public Administration Aboriginal Public AdministrationCAN
919International and Other Extra-Territorial Public Administration International and Other Extra-Territorial Public AdministrationCAN
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