Classification of census family status

1 - Census family person

This category includes persons who are members of a census family. A census family person can be a spouse, a common-law partner, a lone parent or a child.

1.1 - Member of couple

This category includes persons who are members of a married couple or of a couple living common law. Both members of the couple live in the same dwelling. A couple may be of opposite or same sex.

Note: In the National Household Survey 'Member of couple' is referred to as 'Married spouses, common-law partners'.

1.2 - Lone parent

This category includes mothers and fathers with no spouses or common-law partners present who live in a dwelling with one or more children.

1.3 - Child in census family

This category includes persons who are blood, step- or adopted sons or daughters (regardless of age or marital status), as well as grandchildren in households where there are no parents present. Children do not live with spouses, partners or children of their own.

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