North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2007

45411 - Electronic Shopping and Mail-Order HousesUS

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in retailing all types of merchandise using the electronic and print media to induce direct response by the customer. These establishments can employ methods, such as broadcasting infomercials, broadcasting and publishing direct-response advertising and publishing traditional or electronic catalogues, to display their merchandise and reach their customers. They can also provide sites facilitating consumer-to-consumer or business-to-consumer trade in new and used goods, on an auction basis, using the Internet. Transactions between these retailers and their customers typically require the use of information technology (telephone or computer network) and the delivery of merchandise is typically done by mail or courier. Establishments primarily engaged in retailing from catalogue showrooms, without stock, are also included.

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2007 - Classification structure
Code Canadian industry
454111Internet Shopping Internet ShoppingUS
454112Electronic Auctions Electronic AuctionsUS
454113Mail-Order Houses Mail-Order HousesUS
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