Ecological Land Classification (ELC) 2017

Status: This standard was approved as a departmental standard on November 20, 2017.

The Ecological Land Classification 2017 provides standard names and codes for Canada's ecozones, ecoprovinces, ecoregions and ecodistricts. The hierarchical structure of the classification shows the relationship between the levels of the classification.

Classification structure

Ecological Land Classification (ELC) 2017 - Classification structure
Code Ecozone
01Arctic Cordillera Arctic Cordillera
02Northern Arctic Northern Arctic
03Southern Arctic Southern Arctic
04Taiga Plains Taiga Plains
05Taiga Shield Taiga Shield
06Boreal Shield Boreal Shield
07Atlantic Maritime Atlantic Maritime
08Mixedwood Plains Mixedwood Plains
09Boreal Plains Boreal Plains
10Prairies Prairies
11Taiga Cordillera Taiga Cordillera
12Boreal Cordillera Boreal Cordillera
13Pacific Maritime Pacific Maritime
14Montane Cordillera Montane Cordillera
15Hudson Plains Hudson Plains
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