National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2016 Version 1.1


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9 - Occupations in manufacturing and utilities

This category contains supervisory, production and labouring occupations in manufacturing, processing and utilities.

Occupations in this category are characterized by either technical training or internal progression, and on-the-job training. Process control occupations in this category are increasingly technical and post-secondary training is usually required. For many occupations in this category, workers typically start out as labourers and progress to machine operation occupations through experience. Progression to supervisory positions requires experience in the occupations supervised. Mobility in some of these occupations may be limited by seniority provisions of collective agreements, or may require additional training.

95 - Assemblers in manufacturing

This major group comprises assemblers in manufacturing occupations which usually require some secondary education and experience or on-the-job training, and may require completion of secondary school, college courses or a college program. It includes mechanical, electrical and electronics assemblers; and other assembly and related occupations.

952 - Mechanical, electrical and electronics assemblers

This minor group includes aircraft assemblers and aircraft assembly inspectors; motor vehicle assemblers, inspectors and testers; electronics assemblers, fabricators, inspectors and testers; assemblers and inspectors in electrical appliance, apparatus and equipment manufacturing; assemblers, fabricators and inspectors of industrial electrical motors and transformers; mechanical assemblers and inspectors; and machine operators and inspectors in electrical apparatus manufacturing. They are employed by aircraft and aircraft subassembly manufacturers; plants which manufacture automobiles, vans and light trucks; electronics manufacturing plants; electrical appliance and electrical equipment manufacturing companies; manufacturers of industrial electric motors, transformers, control equipment, railway locomotives, transit vehicles and other heavy electrical equipment; machinery and transportation equipment manufacturers; and by other manufacturing companies.

953 - Other assembly and related occupations

This minor group includes boat assemblers and inspectors; furniture and fixture assemblers and inspectors; other wood products assemblers and inspectors; furniture finishers and refinishers; plastic products assemblers, finishers and inspectors; industrial painters, coaters and metal finishing process operators; and other product assemblers, finishers and inspectors. They are employed by boat and marine craft manufacturing companies; furniture manufacturing companies; establishments engaged in manufacturing a variety of wood and millwork products; retail furniture stores and furniture refinishing and repair shops; plastic products manufacturing companies and plastic parts divisions of aircraft and other manufacturing companies; custom refinishing, coating and plating shops; and a wide variety of manufacturing companies; or they may be self-employed.

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