National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2016 Version 1.1


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1 - Business, finance and administration occupations

Occupations in this category include financial and business services, administration and clerical supervision and support services. Some occupations in this category are unique to the financial and business services sectors; however, most are found in all industries. The professional occupations in this area such as accountants, investment brokers and human resources specialists are usually supplied from educational programs specific to the profession or occupation. Some administrative and business occupations are supplied from experienced workers in related clerical occupations.

14 - Office support occupations

This major group comprises office support occupations usually requiring completion of secondary school. It includes general office workers; office equipment operators; financial, insurance and related administrative support workers; and library, correspondence and other clerks.

141 - General office workers

This minor group includes general office support workers, receptionists, personnel clerks and court clerks. They are employed by hospitals and medical, dental and other offices; in personnel departments; by federal, provincial and municipal courts; and in offices throughout the public and private sectors.

142 - Office equipment operators

This minor group includes data entry clerks, desktop publishing operators and those in related occupations. They are employed by typesetting firms, commercial printing companies, publishing and printing companies and various establishments that have in-house printing departments; and throughout the public and private sectors.

143 - Financial, insurance and related administrative support workers

This minor group includes accounting and related clerks, payroll clerks, banking, insurance and other financial clerks and collectors. They are employed by payroll administration companies; banks, credit companies, private and public insurance establishments, investment firms and other financial establishments; collection agencies, utility companies, department stores, loan companies, credit unions and financial and licensing departments within governments; and throughout the public and private sectors.

145 - Library, correspondence and other clerks

This minor group includes library assistants and clerks, correspondence, publication and regulatory clerks, survey interviewers and statistical clerks. They are employed by libraries and other establishments with library services; newspapers, periodicals and publishing firms; and by market research and polling firms, government departments and agencies, utility companies, contact centres and other establishments throughout the public and private sectors.

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