List of Aboriginal ancestry responses 2016

Status: This standard was replaced by 'List of Indigenous ancestry responses 2021' as of May 11, 2021.

Classification structure

List of Aboriginal ancestry responses 2016 - Classification structure
Code Category
1Aboriginal ancestry Aboriginal ancestryNote 1
2 Non-Aboriginal ancestry    


Note 1

In the Census of Population, some respondents may choose to provide very specific Aboriginal ancestries, while other respondents may choose to give more general responses. This means that two respondents with the same ancestry could have different response patterns and thus could be counted as having different Aboriginal ancestries. For example, one respondent may report 'First Nations' ethnic origin while another respondent, with a similar ancestral background, may report 'Ojibway' or 'Anishinaabe' ancestry; one respondent may report 'North American Indian' while another, similar respondent, may report 'Coast Salish' or 'Cowichan.' As a result, Aboriginal ancestry data are fluid, and counts for specific origins may seem different than initially expected. Users who wish to obtain broader response counts may wish to combine data for one or more ancestries together.

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