Variant of CIP 2016 - Primary groupings

05 - Business, management and public administration

52. - Business, management, marketing and related support services

52.06 - Business/managerial economics

This subseries comprises instructional program class 52.0601.

52.0601 - Business/managerial economics

This instructional program class comprises any program that focuses on the application of economic principles to the analysis of the organization and operation of business enterprises. These programs include courses in monetary theory, banking and financial systems, theory of competition, pricing theory, wage and salary/incentive theory, analysis of markets, and applications of econometrics and quantitative methods to the study of particular businesses and business problems.

  • Illustrative example(s)

    • business economics
    • financial economics
    • management economics

    All examples

  • Exclusion(s)

    • applied economics(45.0602)
    • consumer economics(19.0402)
    • econometrics(45.0603)
    • economics(45.0601)
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