Variant of CIP 2016 - Primary groupings

14. - Engineering

Variant of CIP 2016 - Primary groupings - Classification structure
Code Title
14.01Engineering, general Engineering, general
14.02Aerospace, aeronautical and astronautical/space engineering Aerospace, aeronautical and astronautical/space engineering
14.03Agricultural engineering Agricultural engineering
14.04Architectural engineering Architectural engineering
14.05Bioengineering and biomedical engineering Bioengineering and biomedical engineering
14.06Ceramic sciences and engineering Ceramic sciences and engineering
14.07Chemical engineering Chemical engineering
14.08Civil engineering Civil engineering
14.09Computer engineering Computer engineering
14.10Electrical, electronics and communications engineering Electrical, electronics and communications engineering
14.11Engineering mechanics Engineering mechanics
14.12Engineering physics/applied physics Engineering physics/applied physics
14.13Engineering science Engineering science
14.14Environmental/environmental health engineering Environmental/environmental health engineering
14.18Materials engineering Materials engineering
14.19Mechanical engineering Mechanical engineering
14.20Metallurgical engineering Metallurgical engineering
14.21Mining and mineral engineering Mining and mineral engineering
14.22Naval architecture and marine engineering Naval architecture and marine engineering
14.23Nuclear engineering Nuclear engineering
14.24Ocean engineering Ocean engineering
14.25Petroleum engineering Petroleum engineering
14.27Systems engineering Systems engineering
14.28Textile sciences and engineering Textile sciences and engineering
14.32Polymer/plastics engineering Polymer/plastics engineering
14.33Construction engineering Construction engineering
14.34Forest engineering Forest engineering
14.35Industrial engineering Industrial engineering
14.36Manufacturing engineering Manufacturing engineering
14.37Operations research Operations research
14.38Surveying engineering Surveying engineering
14.39Geological/geophysical engineering Geological/geophysical engineering
14.40Paper science and engineering Paper science and engineering
14.41Electromechanical engineering Electromechanical engineering
14.42Mechatronics, robotics, and automation engineering Mechatronics, robotics, and automation engineering
14.43Biochemical engineering Biochemical engineering
14.44Engineering chemistry Engineering chemistry
14.45Biological/biosystems engineering Biological/biosystems engineering
14.99Engineering, other Engineering, other
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