North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2017 Version 2.0


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532120 - Truck, utility trailer and recreational vehicle (RV) rental and leasingUS

This Canadian industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in renting or leasing trucks, truck tractors, buses, semi-trailers, utility trailers and recreational vehicles (RVs), without drivers.

  • Illustrative example(s)

    • bus rental, without driver
    • motor home rental
    • rental of travel, camping, or recreational trailers
    • tractor rental (truck), without drivers
    • truck rental (except industrial), without drivers

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  • Exclusion(s)

    • leasing and providing loans to buyers of goods and equipment, or to vendors and dealers to finance their inventories (See 522220 Sales financing)
    • renting or leasing industrial trucks, such as forklifts, materials handling equipment, farm tractors and other industrial equipment (See 532490 Other commercial and industrial machinery and equipment rental and leasing)
    • renting or leasing mobile home sites (See 531190 Lessors of other real estate property)
    • renting recreational goods, such as pleasure boats, canoes, motorcycles, mopeds or bicycles (See 532280 All other consumer goods rental)
    • retailing vehicles commonly referred to as RVs through sales or lease arrangements (See 441210 Recreational vehicle dealers)
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