North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2017 Version 2.0


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5222 - Non-depository credit intermediation

This industry group comprises establishments, both public (government-sponsored enterprises) and private, primarily engaged in extending credit or lending funds raised by credit market borrowing, such as by issuing commercial paper and other debt instruments, and by borrowing from other financial intermediaries.

52221 - Credit card issuingUS

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing credit sales services to business entities, such as retailers, and to consumers by providing the funds required in return for payment of the full balance or payments on an installment basis.

52222 - Sales financingUS

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in sales financing. Establishments primarily engaged in providing financial leases or operating leases are also included if they are engaged in any sales financing.

Sales financing establishments lend money to consumers and businesses, for the purchase of goods and services, using a contractual installment sales agreement, often either directly from, or through arrangements with, dealers of the products. Examples of establishments in this industry are acceptance companies of motor vehicle manufacturers and heavy equipment manufacturers. Establishments engaged in the purchase of installment and credit card receivables, created as a result of retail sales to businesses and individuals, are included.

52229 - Other non-depository credit intermediationUS

This industry comprises establishments, not classified to any other industry, primarily engaged in making cash loans or granting credit to consumers and businesses through credit instruments other than credit cards, sales finance agreements, or financial leases. Examples of types of lending are consumer credit, real estate credit, international trade financing, secondary market financing, and other non-depository credit intermediation.

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