Classification of time use activity cycle 29, extension variant, total responses

1 - Sleep and personal activities

2 - Paid work activities

Paid work activities include paid work, other income-generating activities, paid training, selling of goods or services.

3 - Studying or learning

Studying or learning include schooling full time/part time - on site, schooling full time/part time - online, homework or studying, self development or leisure and special interest classes.

4 - Transport to and from activity

Transportation to and from activities includes the following mode of transport private vehicle - driver or passenger, walk, bicycle, bus, street cars, metro, airplane, taxi, limousine service, boat, ferry.

5 - Unpaid work activities

Unpaid work activities include meal, lunch or snack preparation, preserving foods, baking, freezing, sealing, packing foods, indoor house cleaning, dish washing, tidying, taking out garbage, recycling, compost, unpacking goods, laundry, ironing, folding, sewing, shoe care, repair, painting or renovation, organizing, planning, paying bills, unpacking groceries, packing and unpacking luggage for travel and/or boxes for a move, outdoor maintenance such as car repair, ground maintenance, snow removal, cutting grass, planting (picking), maintaining, cleaning garden; caring for house plants, pet care such as feeding, walking, grooming, playing; caring for a child from your household (less than 15): personal care, getting ready for school, supervising homework, reading, playing, reprimanding, educational, emotional help, accompanying to or from school, bus stop, sports, activities, parent school meetings or appointments, caring for a teenager from your household (15 to 17): helping with homework, playing, reprimanding, educational, personal care, getting ready for school, emotional help, accompanying to or from school, bus stop, sports, activities, parent school meetings or appointments; caring for an adult from your household: washing, dressing, care giving, financial management, Accompanying to or from appointments, shopping; caring for a child from another household such as supervision, feeding, talking, accompanying; caring for an adult from another household such as preparing meals, cleaning, care giving, financial and household management, indoor or outdoor maintenance, accompanying to or from appointments, shopping; helping relatives, friends, neighbours, acquaintances, excluding caregiving; Shopping for goods or services such as gasoline, groceries, clothing, car, legal services, financial services, vehicle maintenance, health professional visit, consultation, researching for goods or services.

6 - Socializing

Socializing means communicating - in person or using any type of technology (phone, email, social media, skype..).

7 - Civic, religious and organizational activities

Civic, religious and organizational activities include voluntary work for an organisation, religious activities, voting, jury duty, coaching or administering sports.

8 - Active sports and events

Active sports and events include exercising, organized recreational sports, competitive sports (indoor or outdoor), outdoor sports (non-competitive) such as skiing, skating, swimming, tennis, football, baseball, outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, attending cinema, exhibitions, library, concerts, theatre, entertainment events, attending sporting events, visiting museums, art galleries, heritage sites, zoos, observatories.

9 - Active leisure

Active leisure includes drawing, painting, crafting, playing an instrument, dancing, collecting, knitting, photography, board and card games, gambling, walking, pleasure driving, birdwatching, writing such as letters, cards, books, poems, general computer use, video games, Internet, art or music production.

10 - Passive leisure

Passive leisure includes Reading online or paper version books, periodicals, newspaper, letters, watching television or videos, listening to music or radio.

11 - Other or unknown activity

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