Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2016


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5951 - Bulkley-Nechako

Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2016 - Classification structure
Code Census subdivision Type
5951007Vanderhoof Vanderhoof District municipality
5951009Fraser Lake Fraser Lake Village
5951013Fort St. James Fort St. James District municipality
5951015Bulkley-Nechako C Bulkley-Nechako C Regional district electoral area
5951017Bulkley-Nechako D Bulkley-Nechako D Regional district electoral area
5951019Bulkley-Nechako F Bulkley-Nechako F Regional district electoral area
5951022Burns Lake Burns Lake Village
5951028Bulkley-Nechako B Bulkley-Nechako B Regional district electoral area
5951031Bulkley-Nechako E Bulkley-Nechako E Regional district electoral area
5951032Granisle Granisle Village
5951034Houston Houston District municipality
5951038Telkwa Telkwa Village
5951043Smithers Smithers Town
5951051Bulkley-Nechako A Bulkley-Nechako A Regional district electoral area
5951053Bulkley-Nechako G Bulkley-Nechako G Regional district electoral area
5951801Ye Koo Che 3 Ye Koo Che 3 Indian reserve
5951802Nautley (Fort Fraser) 1 Nautley (Fort Fraser) 1 Indian reserve
5951803Nak'azdli (Necoslie 1) Nak'azdli (Necoslie 1) Indian reserve
5951804Sowchea 3 Sowchea 3 Indian reserve
5951805Binche 2 (Pinchie 2) Binche 2 (Pinchie 2) Indian reserve
5951806Seaspunkut 4 Seaspunkut 4 Indian reserve
5951807Stellaquo (Stella) 1 Stellaquo (Stella) 1 Indian reserve
5951809Stony Creek 1 Stony Creek 1 Indian reserve
5951810Tache 1 Tache 1 Indian reserve
5951811Tacla Lake (Ferry Landing) 9 Tacla Lake (Ferry Landing) 9 Indian reserve
5951813Laketown 3 Laketown 3 Indian reserve
5951814Dzitline Lee 9 Dzitline Lee 9 Indian reserve
5951815Burns Lake 18 Burns Lake 18 Indian reserve
5951818Cheslatta 1 Cheslatta 1 Indian reserve
5951819Omineca 1 Omineca 1 Indian reserve
5951820Palling 1 Palling 1 Indian reserve
5951821Duncan Lake 2 Duncan Lake 2 Indian reserve
5951822Francois Lake 7 Francois Lake 7 Indian reserve
5951823Skins Lake 16A Skins Lake 16A Indian reserve
5951824Skins Lake 16B Skins Lake 16B Indian reserve
5951825Tatla West 11 Tatla West 11 Indian reserve
5951826Uncha Lake 13A Uncha Lake 13A Indian reserve
5951827Woyenne 27 Woyenne 27 Indian reserve
5951828Babine 6 Babine 6 Indian reserve
5951829Babine 25 Babine 25 Indian reserve
5951830Jean Baptiste 28 Jean Baptiste 28 Indian reserve
5951833Tatla't East 2 Tatla't East 2 Indian reserve
5951840Williams Prairie Meadow 1A Williams Prairie Meadow 1A Indian reserve
5951844Poison Creek 17A Poison Creek 17A Indian reserve
5951845Tadinlay 15 Tadinlay 15 Indian reserve
5951846Nedoats 11 Nedoats 11 Indian reserve
5951847Babine Lake 21B Babine Lake 21B Indian reserve
5951848North Tacla Lake North Tacla Lake Indian reserve
5951849Mission Lands 17 Mission Lands 17 Indian reserve
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