Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2016


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5933 - Thompson-Nicola

Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2016 - Classification structure
Code Census subdivision Type
5933006Merritt Merritt City
5933008Thompson-Nicola M (Beautiful Nicola Valley - North) Thompson-Nicola M (Beautiful Nicola Valley - North) Regional district electoral area
5933012Thompson-Nicola N (Beautiful Nicola Valley - South) Thompson-Nicola N (Beautiful Nicola Valley - South) Regional district electoral area
5933015Lytton Lytton Village
5933019Ashcroft Ashcroft Village
5933024Cache Creek Cache Creek Village
5933028Clinton Clinton Village
5933032Thompson-Nicola E (Bonaparte Plateau) Thompson-Nicola E (Bonaparte Plateau) Regional district electoral area
5933035Logan Lake Logan Lake District municipality
5933037Thompson-Nicola I (Blue Sky Country) Thompson-Nicola I (Blue Sky Country) Regional district electoral area
5933039Thompson-Nicola J (Copper Desert Country) Thompson-Nicola J (Copper Desert Country) Regional district electoral area
5933042Kamloops Kamloops City
5933044Thompson-Nicola P (Rivers and the Peaks) Thompson-Nicola P (Rivers and the Peaks) Regional district electoral area
5933045Sun Peaks Mountain Sun Peaks Mountain Village
5933054Chase Chase Village
5933060Thompson-Nicola L (Grasslands) Thompson-Nicola L (Grasslands) Regional district electoral area
5933067Clearwater Clearwater District municipality
5933068Thompson-Nicola A (Wells Gray Country) Thompson-Nicola A (Wells Gray Country) Regional district electoral area
5933070Thompson-Nicola B (Thompson Headwaters) Thompson-Nicola B (Thompson Headwaters) Regional district electoral area
5933072Thompson-Nicola O (Lower North Thompson) Thompson-Nicola O (Lower North Thompson) Regional district electoral area
5933074Barriere Barriere District municipality
5933801Coldwater 1 Coldwater 1 Indian reserve
5933802Douglas Lake 3 Douglas Lake 3 Indian reserve
5933803Hamilton Creek 2 Hamilton Creek 2 Indian reserve
5933805Joeyaska 2 Joeyaska 2 Indian reserve
5933806Nicola Lake 1 Nicola Lake 1 Indian reserve
5933807Nicola Mameet 1 Nicola Mameet 1 Indian reserve
5933808Nooaitch 10 Nooaitch 10 Indian reserve
5933809Paul's Basin 2 Paul's Basin 2 Indian reserve
5933810Chuchhraischin Chuchhraischin Indian reserve
5933811Zoht 4 Zoht 4 Indian reserve
5933812Bonaparte 3 Bonaparte 3 Indian reserve
5933813Halhalaeden Halhalaeden Indian reserve
5933814Canoe Creek 1 Canoe Creek 1 Indian reserve
5933817Skeetchestn Skeetchestn Indian reserve
5933819High Bar 1 High Bar 1 Indian reserve
5933821Canoe Creek 2 Canoe Creek 2 Indian reserve
5933823Kitzowit 20 Kitzowit 20 Indian reserve
5933824Skuppah 2A Skuppah 2A Indian reserve
5933825Inklyuhkinatko 2 Inklyuhkinatko 2 Indian reserve
5933828Basque 18 Basque 18 Indian reserve
5933829Klahkamich 17 Klahkamich 17 Indian reserve
5933831Kleetlekut 22 Kleetlekut 22 Indian reserve
5933832Klickkumcheen 18 Klickkumcheen 18 Indian reserve
5933833Inkluckcheen Inkluckcheen Indian reserve
5933834Kumcheen 1 Kumcheen 1 Indian reserve
5933836Lower Hat Creek 2 Lower Hat Creek 2 Indian reserve
5933837Peq-Paq 22 Peq-Paq 22 Indian reserve
5933839Lytton 4A Lytton 4A Indian reserve
5933840Lytton 4E Lytton 4E Indian reserve
5933841Lytton 9A Lytton 9A Indian reserve
5933842Lytton 9B Lytton 9B Indian reserve
5933844Ashcroft 4 Ashcroft 4 Indian reserve
5933845105 Mile Post 2 105 Mile Post 2 Indian reserve
5933846Oregon Jack Creek 5 Oregon Jack Creek 5 Indian reserve
5933848Nickel Palm 4 Nickel Palm 4 Indian reserve
5933849Siska Flat Siska Flat Indian reserve
5933850Nickeyeah 25 Nickeyeah 25 Indian reserve
5933851Nicomen 1 Nicomen 1 Indian reserve
5933852Nohomeen 23 Nohomeen 23 Indian reserve
5933853Nuuautin 2 Nuuautin 2 Indian reserve
5933854Paska Island 3 Paska Island 3 Indian reserve
5933855Papyum 27 Papyum 27 Indian reserve
5933857Pemynoos 9 Pemynoos 9 Indian reserve
5933858Seah 5 Seah 5 Indian reserve
5933859Shackan 11 Shackan 11 Indian reserve
5933861Kloklowuck 7 Kloklowuck 7 Indian reserve
5933865Skuppah 4 Skuppah 4 Indian reserve
5933866Skwayaynope 26 Skwayaynope 26 Indian reserve
5933868Spintlum Flat 3 Spintlum Flat 3 Indian reserve
5933870Nkaih 10 Nkaih 10 Indian reserve
5933872Marble Canyon 3 Marble Canyon 3 Indian reserve
5933873Stryen 9 Stryen 9 Indian reserve
5933874Tsaukan 12 Tsaukan 12 Indian reserve
5933875Upper Hat Creek 1 Upper Hat Creek 1 Indian reserve
5933876Upper Nepa 6 Upper Nepa 6 Indian reserve
5933877Whispering Pines 4 Whispering Pines 4 Indian reserve
5933878Yawaucht 11 Yawaucht 11 Indian reserve
5933879Zacht 5 Zacht 5 Indian reserve
5933880Kamloops 1 Kamloops 1 Indian reserve
5933881Spences Bridge Spences Bridge Indian reserve
5933882Kanaka Bar Kanaka Bar Indian reserve
5933884Sahhaltkum 4 Sahhaltkum 4 Indian reserve
5933886Nekalliston 2 Nekalliston 2 Indian reserve
5933887North Thompson 1 North Thompson 1 Indian reserve
5933888Louis Creek 4 Louis Creek 4 Indian reserve
5933889Squaam 2 Squaam 2 Indian reserve
5933895Shawniken 4B Shawniken 4B Indian reserve
5933896Nekliptum 1 Nekliptum 1 Indian reserve
5933897Boothroyd 8A (Part) Boothroyd 8A (Part) Indian reserve
5933898Neskonlith Neskonlith Indian reserve
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