Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2016


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5924 - Strathcona

Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2016 - Classification structure
Code Census subdivision Type
5924025Gold River Gold River Village
5924029Zeballos Zeballos Village
5924030Tahsis Tahsis Village
5924034Campbell River Campbell River City
5924039Sayward Sayward Village
5924042Strathcona D (Oyster Bay - Buttle Lake) Strathcona D (Oyster Bay - Buttle Lake) Regional district electoral area
5924048Strathcona A Strathcona A Regional district electoral area
5924052Strathcona B Strathcona B Regional district electoral area
5924054Strathcona C Strathcona C Regional district electoral area
5924803Ahaminaquus 12 Ahaminaquus 12 Indian reserve
5924804Campbell River 11 Campbell River 11 Indian reserve
5924805Chenahkint 12 Chenahkint 12 Indian reserve
5924806Houpsitas 6 Houpsitas 6 Indian reserve
5924812Quinsam 12 Quinsam 12 Indian reserve
5924813Village Island 1 Village Island 1 Indian reserve
5924814Yuquot 1 Yuquot 1 Indian reserve
5924817Cape Mudge 10 Cape Mudge 10 Indian reserve
5924818Squirrel Cove 8 Squirrel Cove 8 Indian reserve
5924820Tork 7 Tork 7 Indian reserve
5924833Oclucje 7 Oclucje 7 Indian reserve
5924835Tsa Xana 18 Tsa Xana 18 Indian reserve
5924836Ehatis 11 Ehatis 11 Indian reserve
5924840Homalco 9 Homalco 9 Indian reserve
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