Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2016


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5923 - Alberni-Clayoquot

Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2016 - Classification structure
Code Census subdivision Type
5923008Port Alberni Port Alberni City
5923019Ucluelet Ucluelet District municipality
5923025Tofino Tofino District municipality
5923033Alberni-Clayoquot B Alberni-Clayoquot B Regional district electoral area
5923035Alberni-Clayoquot D Alberni-Clayoquot D Regional district electoral area
5923037Alberni-Clayoquot E Alberni-Clayoquot E Regional district electoral area
5923039Alberni-Clayoquot F Alberni-Clayoquot F Regional district electoral area
5923047Alberni-Clayoquot A Alberni-Clayoquot A Regional district electoral area
5923049Alberni-Clayoquot C Alberni-Clayoquot C Regional district electoral area
5923801Ahahswinis 1 Ahahswinis 1 Indian reserve
5923802Alberni 2 Alberni 2 Indian reserve
5923803Anacla 12 Anacla 12 Indian reserve
5923804Clakamucus 2 Clakamucus 2 Indian reserve
5923805Elhlateese 2 Elhlateese 2 Indian reserve
5923806Hesquiat 1 Hesquiat 1 Indian reserve
5923807Ittatsoo 1 Ittatsoo 1 Indian reserve
5923808Marktosis 15 Marktosis 15 Indian reserve
5923809Numukamis 1 Numukamis 1 Indian reserve
5923810Macoah 1 Macoah 1 Indian reserve
5923813Opitsat 1 Opitsat 1 Indian reserve
5923814Sachsa 4 Sachsa 4 Indian reserve
5923816Tsahaheh 1 Tsahaheh 1 Indian reserve
5923822Klehkoot 2 Klehkoot 2 Indian reserve
5923823Esowista 3 Esowista 3 Indian reserve
5923824Refuge Cove 6 Refuge Cove 6 Indian reserve
5923825Tin Wis 11 Tin Wis 11 Indian reserve
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