Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2016


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3559 - Rainy River

Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2016 - Classification structure
Code Census subdivision Type
3559001Atikokan Atikokan Town
3559011Alberton Alberton Township
3559012Fort Frances Fort Frances Town
3559016La Vallee La Vallee Township
3559019Emo Emo Township
3559024Chapple Chapple Township
3559026Manitou Rapids 11 Manitou Rapids 11 Indian reserve
3559030Long Sault 12 Long Sault 12 Indian reserve
3559031Morley Morley Township
3559040Dawson Dawson Township
3559042Rainy River Rainy River Town
3559047Lake of the Woods Lake of the Woods Township
3559048Sabaskong Bay (Part) 35C Sabaskong Bay (Part) 35C Indian reserve
3559051Big Grassy River 35G Big Grassy River 35G Indian reserve
3559052Big Island Mainland 93 Big Island Mainland 93 Indian reserve
3559053Saug-a-Gaw-Sing 1 Saug-a-Gaw-Sing 1 Indian reserve
3559060Neguaguon Lake 25D Neguaguon Lake 25D Indian reserve
3559061Rainy Lake 18C Rainy Lake 18C Indian reserve
3559062Agency 1 Agency 1 Indian reserve
3559063Couchiching 16A Couchiching 16A Indian reserve
3559064Rainy Lake 26A Rainy Lake 26A Indian reserve
3559065Seine River 23B Seine River 23B Indian reserve
3559066Seine River 23A Seine River 23A Indian reserve
3559068Rainy Lake 17A Rainy Lake 17A Indian reserve
3559069Rainy Lake 17B Rainy Lake 17B Indian reserve
3559090Rainy River, Unorganized Rainy River, Unorganized Unorganized
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