Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2016


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3549 - Parry Sound

Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2016 - Classification structure
Code Census subdivision Type
3549003Seguin Seguin Township
3549005The Archipelago The Archipelago Township
3549012McMurrich/Monteith McMurrich/Monteith Township
3549014Perry Perry Township
3549018Kearney Kearney Town
3549019Armour Armour Township
3549022Burk's Falls Burk's Falls Village
3549024Ryerson Ryerson Township
3549028McKellar McKellar Township
3549031McDougall McDougall Municipality
3549032Parry Sound Parry Sound Town
3549036Carling Carling Township
3549039Whitestone Whitestone Municipality
3549043Magnetawan Magnetawan Municipality
3549046Strong Strong Township
3549048Sundridge Sundridge Village
3549051Joly Joly Township
3549054Machar Machar Township
3549056South River South River Village
3549060Powassan Powassan Municipality
3549066Callander Callander Municipality
3549071Nipissing Nipissing Township
3549072Shawanaga 17 Shawanaga 17 Indian reserve
3549073Parry Island First Nation Parry Island First Nation Indian reserve
3549075Henvey Inlet 2 Henvey Inlet 2 Indian reserve
3549076French River 13 French River 13 Indian reserve
3549077Dokis 9 Dokis 9 Indian reserve
3549078Magnetewan 1 Magnetewan 1 Indian reserve
3549095Parry Sound, Unorganized, North East Part Parry Sound, Unorganized, North East Part Unorganized
3549096Parry Sound, Unorganized, Centre Part Parry Sound, Unorganized, Centre Part Unorganized
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