Variant of CIP 2000 - NGS University-level Historical Groupings

51.1506 - Clinical Pastoral Counselling/Patient Counselling

This instructional program class comprises any program that prepares ordained clergy and other counselling professionals to respond to the emotional and spiritual needs of patients and families in health care emergencies and other situations, and to consult with and counsel other health care professionals. These programs include courses in advanced interpersonal communication; individual and small group counselling; interdisciplinary teamwork; crisis management; extended care relationships; self-analysis; medical ethics; pastoral care art; spiritual dimensions of human growth and health; counselling psychology and therapy; and applications to grief, death, emotional collapse, injury, individual/family adjustment, and chronic illness situations.

  • Example Program Names:

    • Clinical pastoral counselling
  • Exclusion

    • Pastoral counselling(39.0701)
    • Counselling psychology(42.0601)
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