Variant of CIP 2000 - NGS University-level Historical Groupings

36 - Fine, Visual and Performing Arts

Variant of CIP 2000 - NGS University-level Historical Groupings - Classification structure
Code Title
39.0501Religious/Sacred Music Religious/Sacred Music
50.01Visual and Performing Arts, General Visual and Performing Arts, General
50.02Crafts/Craft Design, Folk Art and Artisanry Crafts/Craft Design, Folk Art and Artisanry
50.03Dance Dance
50.04Design and Applied Arts Design and Applied Arts
50.0501Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts, General Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts, General
50.0502Technical Theatre/Theatre Design and Technology Technical Theatre/Theatre Design and Technology
50.0504Playwriting and Screenwriting Playwriting and Screenwriting
50.0505Theatre Literature, History and Criticism Theatre Literature, History and Criticism
50.0506Acting Acting
50.0507Directing and Theatrical Production Directing and Theatrical Production
50.0599Drama/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft, Other Drama/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft, Other
50.0605Photography Photography
50.0701Art/Art Studies, General Art/Art Studies, General
50.0702Fine/Studio Arts, General Fine/Studio Arts, General
50.0703Art History, Criticism and Conservation Art History, Criticism and Conservation
50.0705Drawing Drawing
50.0706Intermedia/Multimedia Intermedia/Multimedia
50.0708Painting Painting
50.0709Sculpture Sculpture
50.0710Printmaking Printmaking
50.0711Ceramic Arts and Ceramics Ceramic Arts and Ceramics
50.0712Fibre, Textile and Weaving Arts Fibre, Textile and Weaving Arts
50.0713Metal and Jewellery Arts Metal and Jewellery Arts
50.0799Fine Arts and Art Studies, Other Fine Arts and Art Studies, Other
50.0901Music, General Music, General
50.0902Music History, Literature and Theory Music History, Literature and Theory
50.0903Music Performance, General Music Performance, General
50.0904Music Theory and Composition Music Theory and Composition
50.0905Musicology and Ethnomusicology Musicology and Ethnomusicology
50.0906Conducting Conducting
50.0907Piano and Organ Piano and Organ
50.0908Voice and Opera Voice and Opera
50.0910Jazz/Jazz Studies Jazz/Jazz Studies
50.0911Violin, Viola, Guitar and Other Stringed Instruments Violin, Viola, Guitar and Other Stringed Instruments
50.0912Music Pedagogy Music Pedagogy
50.0999Music, Other Music, Other
50.99Visual and Performing Arts, Other Visual and Performing Arts, Other
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