Canadian Classification of Functions of Government (CCOFOG) 2014

708 - Recreation, culture, and religion

This division covers government expenditures relating to the administration, development, and management of recreation, culture, and religion. Recreation, culture, and religion includes expenditure on recreational and sporting services; cultural services; broadcasting and publishing services; religious and other community services; R&D recreation, culture, and religion; and recreation, culture, and religion not elsewhere classified. Government expenditure on recreation, culture, and religion includes expenditure on services provided to individual persons and households and expenditure on services provided on a collective basis. Individual expenditure is allocated to groups (7081) and (7082); expenditure on collective services is assigned to groups (7083) to (7086). Collective services are provided to the community as a whole. They include activities such as formulation and administration of government policy; formulation and enforcement of legislation and standards for providing recreational and cultural services; and applied research and experimental development into recreational, cultural, and religious affairs and services.

Canadian Classification of Functions of Government (CCOFOG) 2014 - Classification structure
Code Title
7081Recreational and sporting services Recreational and sporting services
7082Cultural services Cultural services
7083Broadcasting and publishing services Broadcasting and publishing services
7084Religious and other community services Religious and other community services
7085R&D Recreation, culture, and religion R&D Recreation, culture, and religion
7086Recreation, culture, and religion n.e.c. Recreation, culture, and religion n.e.c.
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