Canadian Classification of Functions of Government (CCOFOG) 2014

707 - Health

This division covers government expenditures relating to the administration, development, and management of health. Health includes expenditure on medical products, appliances, and equipment; outpatient services; hospital services; public health services; R&D health; and health prevention (collective) and health not elsewhere classified.

Government expenditure on health includes expenditure on services provided to individual persons and services provided on a collective basis. Expenditure on individual services is allocated to groups (7071) through (7074); expenditure on collective services is assigned to groups (7075) and (7076). Collective health services are concerned with matters such as formulation and administration of government policy; setting and enforcement of standards for medical and paramedical personnel and for hospitals, clinics, surgeries, etc.; regulation and licensing of providers of health services; and applied research and experimental development into medical and health-related matters. However, overhead expenditure connected with administration or functioning of a group of hospitals, clinics, surgeries, etc. is considered to be individual expenditure and is classified to groups (7071) through (7074) as appropriate.

Canadian Classification of Functions of Government (CCOFOG) 2014 - Classification structure
Code Title
7071Medical products, appliances, and equipment Medical products, appliances, and equipment
7072Outpatient services Outpatient services
7073Hospital services Hospital services
7074Public health services Public health services
7075R&D Health R&D Health
7076Health n.e.c. Health n.e.c.
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