Canadian Classification of Functions of Government (CCOFOG) 2014

705 - Environmental protection

This division covers government expenditures relating to the administration, development, and management of environmental protection; waste water management; pollution abatement; protection of biodiversity and landscape; R&D environmental protection; and environmental protection not elsewhere classified. Environmental protection includes expenditure on waste management. The breakdown of environmental protection is based upon the Classification of Environmental Protection Activities (CEPA, as elaborated in the European System for the Collection of Economic Information on the Environment (SERIEE, of the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat).

Canadian Classification of Functions of Government (CCOFOG) 2014 - Classification structure
Code Title
7051Waste management Waste management
7052Waste water management Waste water management
7053Pollution abatement Pollution abatement
7054Protection of biodiversity and landscape Protection of biodiversity and landscape
7055R&D Environmental protection R&D Environmental protection
7056Environmental protection n.e.c. Environmental protection n.e.c.
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