Canadian Classification of Functions of Government (CCOFOG) 2014

7 - Total outlays

This classification covers total expenditure by the Canadian general government consisting of all federal, provincial-territorial and local government units and all resident non-market NPIs that are controlled by government units. An expense is a decrease in net worth resulting from a transaction. Expenses are those short-term costs which are incurred to earn revenues, e.g., salary paid, rent etc. An expenditure is the sum of expense and the net investment in nonfinancial assets. Expenditure is the long-term cost which is spent on purchase or growth of fixed assets, e.g., payments made to purchase new land or building for business, equipment, etc.

Canadian Classification of Functions of Government (CCOFOG) 2014 - Classification structure
Code Title
701General public services General public services
702Defense Defense
703Public order and safety Public order and safety
704Economic affairs Economic affairs
705Environmental protection Environmental protection
706Housing and community amenities Housing and community amenities
707Health Health
708Recreation, culture, and religion Recreation, culture, and religion
709Education Education
710Social protection Social protection
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