Variant of NAICS 2012 - Energy sector

44-45 - Retail trade

This sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in retailing merchandise, generally without transformation, and rendering services incidental to the sale of merchandise.

The retailing process is the final step in the distribution of merchandise; retailers are therefore organized to sell merchandise in small quantities to the general public. This sector comprises two main types of retailers, store and non-store retailers. Their main characteristics are described below.

Store retailers

Store retailers operate fixed point-of-sale locations, located and designed to attract a high volume of walk-in customers. In general, retail stores have extensive displays of merchandise and use mass-media advertising to attract customers. They typically sell merchandise to the general public for personal or household consumption, but some also serve businesses and institutions. These include establishments such as office supplies stores, computer and software stores, gasoline stations, building material dealers, plumbing supplies stores and electrical supplies stores.

In addition to selling merchandise, some types of store retailers are also engaged in the provision of after-sales services, such as repair and installation. For example, new automobile dealers, electronic and appliance stores and musical instrument and supplies stores often provide repair services, while floor covering stores and window treatment stores often provide installation services. As a general rule, establishments engaged in retailing merchandise and providing after sales services are classified in this sector.

Catalogue sales showrooms, gasoline service stations, and mobile home dealers are treated as store retailers.

Non-store retailers

Non-store retailers, like store retailers, are organized to serve the general public, but their retailing methods differ. They reach customers and market merchandise with methods such as, the broadcasting of infomercials, the broadcasting and publishing of direct-response advertising, the publishing of traditional and electronic catalogues, door-to-door solicitation, in-home demonstration, temporary displaying of merchandise (stalls) and distribution by vending machines.

The methods of transaction and delivery of merchandise vary by type of non-store retailers. For example, non-store retailers that reach their customers using information technologies can receive payment at the time of purchase or at the time of delivery, and the delivery of the merchandise may be done by the retailer or by a third party, such as the post office or a courier. In contrast, non-store retailers that reach their customers by door-to-door solicitation, in-home demonstration, temporary displaying of merchandise (stalls) and vending machines typically receive payment and deliver the merchandise to the customer at the time of the purchase.

Non-store retailers also include establishments engaged in the home delivery of products such as home heating oil dealers and newspaper delivery companies.

Variant of NAICS 2012 - Energy sector - Classification structure
Code Title
441Motor vehicle and parts dealers Motor vehicle and parts dealersUS
442Furniture and home furnishings stores Furniture and home furnishings storesUS
443Electronics and appliance stores Electronics and appliance storesUS
444Building material and garden equipment and supplies dealers Building material and garden equipment and supplies dealersUS
445Food and beverage stores Food and beverage storesUS
446Health and personal care stores Health and personal care storesUS
447Gasoline stations Gasoline stationsUS
448Clothing and clothing accessories stores Clothing and clothing accessories storesUS
451Sporting goods, hobby, book and music stores Sporting goods, hobby, book and music storesUS
452General merchandise stores General merchandise storesUS
453Miscellaneous store retailers Miscellaneous store retailersUS
454Non-store retailers Non-store retailersUS
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