Classification of building permit types

11 - Residential

Refers to all buildings intended for private occupancy whether on a permanent basis or not. Dwellings are divided into the following types: single-family, mobile, cottage, semi-detached, row house and apartment building.

111 - Single-family

Refers to dwellings commonly called "single house". It includes single dwellings that are completely isolated on all sides, including single dwellings linked to other dwellings below ground. Included are bungalows, split levels, two-storey single-family homes built by conventional methods or prefabricated.

112 - Multiple

113 - Cottage

Refers to dwellings that cannot be occupied year-round or on a permanent basis because the facilities required for comfort are inadequate.

114 - Conversion

Refers to the number of dwellings added by conversion of existing structures.

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