Variant of CIP 2000 - Primary groupings

Status: This standard was replaced by the 'Variant of CIP 2011 - Primary groupings' as of September 20, 2010.

An aggregation structure has been developed jointly by Statistics Canada and the National Center for Education Statistics. It is based on work undertaken as a part of the creation of the North American Product Classification System (NAPCS) by Canada, the United States and Mexico.

The structure comprises thirteen 'primary groupings' that are a convenient and useful basis for summarizing and analysing more detailed classes. Two general observations about the primary groupings should be kept in mind:

1. Groupings are based on field of study and are independent of the level at which the study was undertaken. Series 21. Technology Education/Industrial Arts Programs and series 53. High School/Secondary Diploma and Certificate Programs are exceptions to this rule; these two series are included in the Other category.

2. Primary groupings comprise entire series, with one exception: series 30. Multidisciplinary/Interdisciplinary Studies has been split into its constituent subseries. Those subseries have then been grouped with the closest equivalent series.

The primary groupings are as follows:

Classification structure

Variant of CIP 2000 - Primary groupings - Classification structure
Code Primary grouping
00Personal Improvement and Leisure Personal Improvement and Leisure
01Education Education
02Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies
03Humanities Humanities
04Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law
05Business, Management and Public Administration Business, Management and Public Administration
06Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies
07Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences
08Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies
09Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation
10Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness
11Personal, Protective and Transportation Services Personal, Protective and Transportation Services
12Other Other
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