Internet activity, total response

1 - Used the internet

Internet activity, total response - Classification structure
Code Title
1.1 Sent and received emails
1.2 Sent messages using an instant messaging application (app)
1.3 Used social networking websites or applications (apps)
1.4 Made online voice calls or video calls
1.5 Used dating websites or applications (apps)
1.6 Accessed the news
1.7Researched for information Researched for information
1.8 Listened to music
1.9 Listened to podcast
1.10Watched or purchased streamed video Watched or purchased streamed video
1.11 Read books or magazines online
1.12 Played video games
1.13Shopped online Shopped online
1.14 Searched for employment
1.15 Conducted online banking
1.16 Used a virtual wallet
1.17 Taken formal training or learning through an organization or institution
1.18 Taken informal training or learning
1.19 Used government online services
1.20 Used online data storage space
1.21 Use of a smart home devices in primary residence
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