Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM) 2004 - List of Goods

331419D - Waste and scrap of precious metals

  • Examples of included products:

    • Platinum metals, in scrap
    • Scrap metal, gold or gold-filled
    • Scrap metal, silver
    • Scrap or waste, iridium
    • Scrap or waste, osmium
    • Scrap or waste, palladium
    • Scrap or waste, rhodium
    • Scrap or waste, ruthenium
    • Scrap, gold
    • Scrap, gold (exc sweepings containing other precious metal)
    • Scrap, platinum
    • Scrap, silver
    • Silver, impure
    • Sweepings, gold
    • Sweepings, mint refinery
    • Sweepings, platinum
    • Sweepings, silver
    • Waste, gold (exc sweepings containing other precious metal)
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