Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM) 2004 - List of Goods

3159917 - Hats, caps, and millinery

  • Examples of included products:

    • Hat bodies, not blocked, no brims, felt
    • Hat-forms, not blocked, no brims, felt
    • Hats, felt, nes
    • Hats, knitted
    • Hats, of artificial fur
    • Hats, plaited or assembled strips
    • Hat-shapes, plaited or assembled in strips
    • Headgear and gloves/mitts sets
    • Headgear and scarf sets
    • Headgear, felt, other than hats
    • Headgear, knitted
    • Headgear, other than safety, not made of textiles, fur, rubber or plastics
    • Headgear, parts of
    • Headgear, plaited or assembled strips
    • Headgear, rubber or plastics, other than safety
    • Headgear, safety, parts of
    • Headwear, felt fabric
    • Headwear, knitted
    • Headwear, lace
    • Headwear, parts of
    • Headwear, plaited or assembled strips
    • Hoods, not blocked, no brims, felt
    • Manchons, felt, for hats
    • Nets, hair
    • Plateaux, felt, for hats
    • Toques
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