Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM) 2004 - List of Goods

2122993 - Ferroalloy ores, except vanadium

  • Examples of included products:

    • Braunite, quantity in metal content
    • Chromium concentrates
    • Chromium ores
    • Ferberite (bearing tungsten)
    • Hausmannite, quantity in metal content
    • Hubnerite (bearing tungsten)
    • Iron ore, manganiferous, containing 20% or more manganese
    • Manganese concentrates, quantity in metal content
    • Manganese in crude ores, quantity in metal content
    • Manganite, quantity in metal content
    • Molybdenite, not roasted
    • Molybdenite, roasted
    • Molybdenum ores and concentrates, roasted
    • Molybdenum oxide, natural
    • Molybdic oxide concentrates roasted
    • Ores, manganese
    • Ores, manganese, sintered
    • Ores, molybdenite roasted
    • Psilomelane, quantity in metal content
    • Pyrolusite, not prepared for use in dry batteries
    • Rhodochrosite, quantity in metal content
    • Scheelite (bearing tungsten)
    • Sludge, tungsten
    • Tungsten concentrates
    • Tungsten in crude ores
    • Tungstic oxide concentrates
    • Tungstic oxide in crude ores
    • Tungstic oxide in scheelite ore
    • Wolframite (bearing tungsten)
    • Wulfenite, roasted
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