Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM) 2004 - List of Goods

2121100 - Coal (including bituminous coal, lignite, and anthracite)

  • Examples of included products:

    • Coal dust, bituminous, high volatile, from Canadian mines
    • Coal dust, bituminous, high volatile, imported
    • Coal, anthracite buckwheat, no. 4, 5, and 6
    • Coal, anthracite screenings or dust
    • Coal, anthracite, barley size
    • Coal, anthracite, bean size
    • Coal, anthracite, buckwheat, no. 1, 2, and 3
    • Coal, anthracite, domestic sizes, nes
    • Coal, anthracite, egg, stove or nut size
    • Coal, anthracite, media barley and smaller
    • Coal, anthracite, pea size
    • Coal, anthracite, rice size
    • Coal, bituminous (high volatile), imported
    • Coal, bituminous, low volatile, from Canadian mines
    • Coal, bituminous, low volatile, imported
    • Coal, nes
    • Coal, sub-bituminous
    • Duff, coal dust
    • Lignite, whether or not pulverised, non agglomerated
    • Screenings, anthracite
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