Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM) 2004 - List of Goods

Status: This standard was replaced by the 'North American Product Classification System (NAPCS) Canada [Provisional Version 0.1]' as of June 7, 2007.

Classification structure

Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM) 2004 - List of Goods - Classification structure
Code Product group Product examples
111Crops Crops Cereal grains, fruit, vegetables and other crops
112Live animals and animal products (except meat) Live animals and animal products (except meat) Raw milk, eggs, livestock and other live animals
113Forestry products Forestry products Logs, pulpwood, other logging products
114Fishing and trapping products Fishing and trapping products Fresh fish, raw furskins
211Crude petroleum, natural gas and natural gas liquids Crude petroleum, natural gas and natural gas liquids Crude petroleum, natural gas, propane, butane, ethane
212Mining products Mining products Coal, metal ores, clay
221Products of Utilities Products of Utilities Electricity, steam
311Food products Food products Meat, processed fish, feed, processed foods
312Beverage and tobacco products Beverage and tobacco products Soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, tobacco
313Primary textiles Primary textiles Spun yarns, woven, knit and narrow fabrics
314Textile products (except clothing) Textile products (except clothing) Textile carpets, bags, curtains, linen, cordage
315Clothing Clothing Clothing, hosiery, clothing accessories
316Leather and leather products Leather and leather products Leather, dressed furs, footwear, luggage
321Wood products (except furniture) Wood products (except furniture) Lumber, plywood, MDF, windows, flooring
322Paper products Paper products Pulp, paper, paperboard, converted paper products
323Printed products Printed products Business forms, labels, leaflets, binders
324Petroleum products Petroleum products Gasoline, fuel oil
325Chemical products Chemical products Chemicals, synthetic fibres, pharmaceuticals
326Plastics and rubber products Plastics and rubber products Pipe, hose, film, bags, tires, of rubber or plastics
327Non-metallic mineral products Non-metallic mineral products Clay, ceramic, glass, concrete, gypsum products
331Primary metal products Primary metal products Steel and other metal mill shapes, pipe, wire, castings
332Fabricated metal products Fabricated metal products Metal forgings, hand tools, containers, firearms, doors
333Machinery Machinery Agriculture, construction, industrial machinery
334Computer and electronic products Computer and electronic products Telephones, measuring instruments, audio-visual products
335Electrical equipment Electrical equipment Electrical appliances, motors, transformers, insulated wire
336Transportation equipment Transportation equipment Motor vehicles, rolling stock, aircraft, ships
337Furniture Furniture Household, office, and institutional furniture
339Miscellaneous products Miscellaneous products Miscellaneous products, medical supplies, jewellery, toys
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