Classification of accommodations of collective dwellings

10 - Health care and related facilities

This category includes hospitals, nursing homes, residences for senior citizens, facilities that are a mix of both a nursing home and a residence for senior citizens, and residential care facilities such as group homes for persons with disabilities and addictions.

11 - Correctional and custodial facilities

This category refers to facilities where persons (inmates, young offenders, or other persons) serve a sentence in custody or where they are detained to await court proceedings, judgement, sentence or release. Included are federal correctional institutions, provincial and territorial custodial facilities, young offenders' facilities, jails and police lock-ups. Excluded are transition homes.

12 - Shelters

This category includes establishments for persons lacking a fixed address or for persons needing transitional shelter or assistance. Included are shelters for persons lacking a fixed address (such as homeless shelters or shelters for street youth), shelters for abused women and children, shelters for refugees and asylum seekers and transition homes or halfway houses for ex-inmates or persons on conditional release.

13 - Service collective dwellings

This category includes lodging and rooming houses; hotels, motels and other establishments with temporary accommodation services; and other service collective dwellings.

14 - Religious establishments

This category includes establishments such as a convent, seminary, monastery or religious commune which provide accommodations to members of a religious group.

15 - Hutterite colonies

This category includes a group of people of the Hutterite religion who live in dwellings that belong to the community and use their land for agricultural purposes.

16 - Work camps

This category includes establishments that provide accommodation to employees of an industry such as mining, logging or hydro construction, and are generally located in a remote area. A work camp usually consists of bunkhouses, tents or trailers.

17 - Military bases

This category includes barracks and other buildings on a military base in Canada belonging to the Canadian Armed Forces.

18 - Commercial and government vessels

This category includes commercial vessels under Canadian registry in port or at sea on Census Day as well as Canadian Armed Forces and Coast Guard vessels. Also included are other government vessels such as research and exploration vessels.

19 - Other collective dwellings

This category includes establishments that meet the criteria of the collective dwelling definition, but do not fall into any other specified type. Included are, for example, racetracks, outfitter camps, carnival and circus camps, and non-religious communes.

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