Variant of NAICS 1997 - Labour Force Survey (LFS) Industries

418410 - Chemical (except Agricultural) and Allied Product Wholesaler-Distributors

This Canadian industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in wholesaling industrial and household chemicals, cleaning compounds and preparations, plastics resins, plastic basic forms and shapes, and industrial gases.

  • Example Activities:

    • Alcohol, industrial, wholesale
    • Alkalies, wholesale
    • Ammonia (except fertilizer material), wholesale
    • Bleaches, wholesale
    • Bleaching compounds, wholesale
    • Carbon black, wholesale
    • Caustic soda, wholesale
    • Chemicals, industrial and household, wholesale
    • Chlorine, wholesale
    • Cleaning compounds and preparations, wholesale
    • Cleansers, soaps, detergents, wholesale
    • Coal tar products, primary and intermediate, wholesale
    • Compound catalysts, industrial, wholesale
    • Compressed and liquefied gases (except petroleum gases), wholesale
    • Concrete additives, wholesale
    • Deodorants (except personal), wholesale
    • Detergents, wholesale
    • Detonators and fuses, wholesale
    • Disinfectants, wholesale
    • Dry cleaning solvents and chemicals, wholesale
    • Dry ice, wholesale
    • Dyestuffs, wholesale
    • Essential oils, wholesale
    • Explosives, all kinds (except ammunition and fireworks), wholesale
    • Fire extinguisher preparations, wholesale
    • Floor cleaning compounds, wholesale
    • Gases, compressed and liquefied (except liquefied petroleum gas), wholesale
    • Glue, wholesale
    • Gum and wood chemicals, wholesale
    • Industrial chemicals, wholesale
    • Industrial gases, wholesale
    • Laundry soap, chips and powder, wholesale
    • Linseed oil, wholesale
    • Man-made fibres, wholesale
    • Metal working compounds, wholesale
    • Organic chemicals, synthetic, wholesale
    • Plasticizers and stabilizers, wholesale
    • Plastics basic shapes, wholesale
    • Plastics materials, wholesale
    • Plastics resins, wholesale
    • Plastics sheet and rods, wholesale
    • Polishes (e.g., furniture, automobile, metal, shoe), wholesale
    • Polishing preparations, wholesale
    • Resins, plastics, wholesale
    • Resins, synthetic (except rubber), wholesale
    • Rug cleaning compounds, wholesale
    • Rustproofing chemicals, wholesale
    • Salts, industrial, wholesale
    • Sanitation preparations, wholesale
    • Scouring cleansers, wholesale
    • Sealants, wholesale
    • Stabilizers and plasticizers, wholesale
    • Sulphur, wholesale
    • Sulphuric acid, wholesale
    • Surface active agents, wholesale
    • Synthetic rubber, wholesale
    • Textile chemicals, wholesale
    • Waxes, wholesale
    • Wood treating preparations, wholesale
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