Variant of NAICS 1997 - Labour Force Survey (LFS) Industries

417990 - All Other Machinery, Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler-Distributors

This Canadian industry comprises establishments, not classified to any other industry, primarily engaged in wholesaling new and used machinery, equipment and supplies; or a combination of goods classified to other industries in this industry group, with none predominating. Wholesalers of aircraft and non-electronic aircraft equipment, fishing and pleasure boats, playground and amusement park equipment, engines (except motor vehicle), and locomotives are included.

  • Example Activities:

    • Aircraft and aeronautical equipment (except electronic), wholesale
    • Aircraft and parts, wholesale
    • Aircraft engines and engine parts, wholesale
    • Aircraft instruments, electric, wholesale
    • Aircraft, wholesale
    • Amusement park equipment, wholesale
    • Automobile engine testing equipment, electrical, wholesale
    • Automobile service station equipment, wholesale
    • Boats, pleasure (e.g., canoes, motorboats, sailboats), wholesale
    • Carnival equipment, wholesale
    • Diesel engines and engine parts, industrial, wholesale
    • Engine testing equipment, automobile, electrical, wholesale
    • Engines (except motor vehicle), wholesale
    • Engines and turbines, marine, wholesale
    • Equipment parts for railroads, aircraft, ships and boats, wholesale
    • Filling station equipment, wholesale
    • Fire-fighting equipment, wholesale
    • Garage equipment, wholesale
    • Golf carts, self-propelled, wholesale
    • Locomotives, wholesale
    • Machinery, equipment and parts for railroad locomotives, aircraft, ships and boats, wholesale
    • Marine propulsion machinery and equipment, wholesale
    • Motorboats, wholesale
    • Outboard motors, wholesale
    • Playground equipment, wholesale
    • Pumps, measuring and dispensing, gasoline and oil, wholesale
    • Railroad equipment and supplies, wholesale
    • Railroad locomotive machinery and equipment parts, wholesale
    • Sailboat, wholesale
    • Service station equipment and supplies, wholesale
    • Ships, wholesale
    • Tanks and tank components, wholesale
    • Transportation equipment and supplies (except motor vehicles), wholesale
    • Yacht sales, wholesale
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